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To: Aldi UK

Get Aldi to commit to Zero Plastic food packaging

Get Aldi to commit to Zero Plastic food packaging

Rethink their food and drink packaging to Zero Plastic.
ie. Paper bags for loose mushrooms
Milk in waxed cardboard
No plastic nets on fruit
Replace sturdy one–use plastic bottles for carbonated water.
Use more glass. Introduce a deposit return system.
Use metal shopping baskets
Design cool Jute or cloth Aldi Bags
Let Aldi know you feel strongly about this and will shop elsewhere unless they take action to commit to Zero Plastic food packaging.

Why is this important?

Aldi say they will continue to wrap their products in plastic for a 'better check out experience'. But Aldi shoppers want a better life experience for the planet! Aldi's shortsighted plastic policy adds to the trillions of kilos of plastic and micro plastics in our landfills and our seas. It filters down to our ground water, it gets into our fish, and we then eat it. Plastic netting from Aldi lemons and tangerines entangles and chokes seabirds. Plastic film on Aldi meat is absorbed into the chicken or salmon it comes into contact with. With a growing part of the market in the UK, urge this Supermarket of the Year to get with the Zero Plastic programme – or you'll shop elsewhere.



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