To: Sheffield city council

Get CCTV in city road cemetery, Sheffield

Get CCTV in city road cemetery, Sheffield

*We want CCTV covering all entrances and exits of the cemetery AT THE VERY LEAST, with plans to install CCTV covering all areas where our loved ones are buried.
*We want more to be done to combat those that vandalise graves and people regularly patrolling to deter them.
*We want support and financial help for those who have had graves vandalised to help them repair the damage.

Why is this important?

As the largest cemetery in Sheffield, and with a plot costing over £2000, we NEED more protection for our loved ones.

My nana and grandad had their graves walked over and their flowers and decorations kicked and stamped on, along with countless others. Who would stop so low as to walk over someone's grave? They desperately need to be caught and charged, before the heartbroken families retaliate themselves.



Reasons for signing

  • Graves should be respected. To many robbing scums that have to scoop so low
  • To many graves being damaged or items being stolen
  • My grandads in there


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