To: Members of the European Parliament

Get MEP Claude Moraes Reinstated.

Today, Claude Moraes, our UK representative in the draft no deal brexit legislation regarding visas, was sacked today because of his refusal to accept the inclusion of a footnote describing Gibraltar as a colony of the British crown. This is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE & UNJUST as it means its more likely the UK will be put on the ETIAS system which is NOT a viable option. It is absolutely ESSENTIAL & VITAL that we are fully excluded from the ETIAS system & that we are put on the EU'S full schengen visa-required list instead.

Why is this important?

My country (UK) will therefore have to introduce a similar visa-waiver system which will be too costly. Even worse, the ETIAS system, (& ANY visa-waiver system for that matter) does NOT go far enough to ensure our safety & national security as applicants will NOT be properly scrutinised before they will be allowed to enter through borders. Whereas if the UK is on the full schengen visa list, we will just need to simply add the EU to our visa system at no extra cost & most importantly, it means that we will be able to regain FULL right of control over our borders. There is no better supporter of our union with Gibraltar than Claude Moraes. The UK really need him back at the helm.