To: UK Government - Prime Minister

Get Our Government to draw up a written Constitution!

Get Our Government to draw up a written Constitution!

To whom it may concern,

As it stands, the United Kingdom does not have a codified constitution. While our current uncodified constitution is made of statutes, case law, conventions, and Royal prerogative this is insufficient. We, the people, demand a codified constitution to protect our rights more plainly because the current system is opaque and unclear.

This allows the Government to take advantage of loopholes within the existing model. This is evident in the most recent Conservative Government led by Boris Johnson, who lost all public trust. In order to regain this trust, we would want a Declaration that mirrors the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen 1789 with modifications to suit this modern era - including articles concerning the Internet and its usage.

We hope you will take this consideration seriously and that this will be ultimately achieved.

Kind Regards,

Benjamin A Ross

Why is this important?

This is important to ensure that any future governments cannot take advantage of the people's trust ever again as this most recent administration has done.

Most U.K. citizens will be unaware or apathetic to the fact that we do not have a codified constitution. However, they must realise that this is paramount to securely protecting our interests for the future and future generations to come.

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