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To: The Music Department of the University of St Andrews

Get our lessons back - MU2001 and MU3001 scholarship students

I'm asking the music department to reinstate the lessons we are technically entitled to under our scholarships and put that untouched money to use, as we were led to believe would happen.

Why is this important?

As some of us are already aware, MU2001+3001 scholarship students are entitled to one hour of lessons free a week - 30 minutes from the funding MU2001+3001 provides, and 30 minutes from our respective vocal/choral/instrumental scholarships. What we are actually provided with is 30 minutes from MU2001+3001 funding, and according to our singing teachers, the funding our scholarship should provide is left in a bank account; untouched and forgotten.

This contraction of our lessons was only put into practice last year, where scholarship students would get an hour of lessons a week free. So why should we be the year to lose out?

Signing this petition shows that we as a collective are disappointed with the lack of information provided to us when we were applying for our scholarship, and the department's current avoidance of addressing the problem and explaining their decisions to us as a collective of MU2001+MU3001.

St Andrews KY16 9AJ, UK

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