To: Boris Johnson

Get rid of Boris Johnson

Get rid of Boris Johnson


Why is this important?

According to the Huffington Post Boris Johnson accuses the Ukip voting as 'a peasants revolt'! Therefore, he clearly sees us all as peasants. because of this he should resign as the mayor of London.



Reasons for signing

  • He was a disastrous mayor of London, building vanity projects at great expense. Now a dangerous, incompetent foreign secretary.
  • Johnson is a dangerous, untrustworthy buffoon who has added to the prison sentence of an innocent woman through sheer incompetence and stupidity. He has proved himself many times to be incapable of commanding respect or representing the UK in any capacity.
  • Because I deal with people from other countries and am fed up being aligned to an absolute idiot. Its embarrassing . He doesn't represent me in any way whatsoever.


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