To: Amber Rudd MP

Get rid of the newly enforced Knife law !

Get rid of the newly enforced Knife law !

Remove the knife law, saying you have to physically go to a store or premises to purchase a knife and have ID proving you are over 18

Why is this important?

for knife collectors and sword enthusiasts, as well as store owners, it will completely negate are ability to do what we love and own swords, almost all swords are bought online, rarely do you ever see a shop. The law was put in place to prevent knife crime however, knife crime is not stopped by the selling of knives, anyone can obtain a knife regardless of this law, knife crime is stopped by better educating people why its wrong and the consequences behind it. All this law is doing is destroying the historical and modern sword smithing industry for no reason, apart from the government making it appear as if they are doing something to reduce knife crime, when in actual fact, it isn't going to effect the rates at all.


Reasons for signing

  • I signed this petition because I make and sell knives for the bushcraft community and it would be impossible for me to meet the criteria of this new proposed law. I am not the only one and certainly will not be affected as badly as some others who have made this there main source of income or who have devoted years of there life to perfect there craft
  • Not everyone interested in knives is a brainless criminal thug.


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