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To: Department for Transport and the Primeminister

Get the Government to Renationalise Britains Railways

Get the Government to Renationalise Britains Railways

We would like to see the Railways run by the Government and not large Transport companies both in the UK and abroard, thus putting 100% of the proffit back into provising better service and better value for money

Why is this important?

We are fed up with overpriced rail fares, over crammed trains, Train Companies not wanting to deal with passenger issues and Bosses getting large bonuses from passengers being used as cash cows

England, Wales and Scotland

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Reasons for signing

  • I'd like a publicly owned, not for profit railway, instead of subsidising a multitude of private mostly foreign owned companies, some of which are owned by foreign state owned railways.
  • exponential increases in fares which go to bonuses and shareholders while the service provided by the likes of Great western, Southern & Southwest trains remains a hotbed of incompetenece and a showcase of lateness. The one nationalised line was a roaring success, why not the whole network
  • Having worked in critical safety for 10 years on rail maintenance I saw 1st hand how ridiculous all rail is within private ownership. The UK rail network will always require public subsidy thus making privatisation in this industry and public service a mockery.


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