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To: David Cameron

Get The Tories Out

I want the Tories and the Liberal Democrats to get out of Number 10 Downing Street before they kill us all.

Why is this important?

The latest and most outrageous news is that of the NHS. For so very long now, the NHS has been severely underfunded and badly mismanaged, and this is done purposely so the Tories, lead by David Cameron, can sell it to the lowest bidder, who just so happen to be his friends. News has broken that ten thousand senior managers have just pocketed £166 million, which is a pay rise of a whopping 46%, while another 25,000 managers have been awarded a pay rise of 36%.

The pay rise for doctors have gone up 1%, while that of midwives has gone down 2%. Health visitors have lost 8%, nurses pay is now down 1%, and that of ambulance staff is down 2%.

There has been another death of a mentally ill woman, this time a mother of two, who had been failed every step of the way. She had not received any money for six months. Six whole months of having not a penny in her pocket. How was she to feed and clothe her 11 year old son? How was she to feed and clothe herself? Six months of having to watch a family member take care of her child... And lets not forget the horrific case of Mark Wood.

Now... Now Esther McVey plans to take away vital support from 300,000 disabled people. People rely on their Disability Living Allowance to pay for cars and wheelchairs that allow them to have some form of life, that will allow them to get out of their houses for a short time, to see the sky and get some fresh air. Freedom, it's called.

Freedom from the nightmare that is amputations, Muscular Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, and severe spinal issues that take away the ability to walk. Freedom from the nightmare that is having to sit in the house, day after day, because chronic pain sees you unable to feed your cat and pull up your own underwear after using the lavatory.

Esther McVey, Iain Duncan Smith, George Osbourne, David Cameron, and Nick Clegg...

The Working Class make these people rich. They dip into our taxes when they want to buy new underwear, pay their monthly £21,000 mortgage, treat their fitness instructor to lunch, and who knows what else. Atos was paid £500 million to perform Work Capability Assessments that ended in over 11,000 deaths of physically and mentally disabled people.

People with terminal illnesses were declared fit for work, a disabled toddler was denied Disability money, despite being born with Downs Syndrome, and his identical twin brother, who had the same disabilities, was awarded the benefit.

There are over a million people on Workfare, people who must now have their mobile phones glued to their hands as they desperately wait for a text or a phone call which offers them two or three hours work. This work is for a pittance and this Workfare does nothing more than offer up a huge selection of human beings for large corporations to use as they wish.

There is no fairness to this system. Good, hard working people with spouses and children to feed are forced to wait for text messages or phone calls as they sit down to a dinner of a £1 bag of frozen chips, a tin of baked beans bought from A Pound Shop, and a slice or two of the cheapest bread their local shop has to offer. These people are also forced to search for jobs and are expected to search every minute of every day, using the government's Job Search site which posted jobs that didn't exist.

Iain Duncan Smith has a career built on lies, and yet he has been put in charge of all state benefits, from pensions to housing benefit, war veteran's allowance and disability allowance, child benefit and all the others. He has made mistake after mistake, and it's crystal clear that he is entirely incompetent. The £34 million which had been written off due to faults with Universal Credit is, in fact, £164 million.

That £164 million is just the tip of the iceberg. Over the course of the Tory run, Iain Duncan Smith had made so, so many attempts to lower the benefit bill, but all of those attempts have drastically increased it. There have been thousands of appeals all over the country, especially where the Atos assessments are concerned, and once all of those hundreds of thousands have added up, Iain Duncan Smith has cost those country billions.

And all because of his incompetency. He doesn't have the knowledge or the intellectual capability to deal with his position. Nor is he a man to be trusted. All we get from Iain Duncan Smith is lie, lie, lie.

It isn't just Iain Duncan Smith who lies, it's the rest of them. The Tory MP's are like black holes. They take and take and take from the working man and woman, the very people who employ them, and the MP's do nothing but sate their own appetite for more. They are greedy and so damn dirty, that no amount of bleach could ever get them clean.

So this is it, people. Stand up for yourselves and sign this petition. Shout it out loud and lets GET THEM OUT.

Judith Herdman.



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