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To: Cllr Mark Winnington, Chair of West Midlands Rail

Get the Worcester, Black Country, Derby Main Line railway re-opened

Get the Worcester, Black Country, Derby Main Line railway re-opened

To stop two different kinds of slow trams on 3 sections totalling 9 Km of the partially used 120 Km Worcester to Derby Main Line Railway and to put diesel passenger trains and stations back on the unused 65 Km section.

Why is this important?

This double track rail line was successful for 100 years; closed for the last 50 years as road and rail congestion has worsened, with the Black Country conurbation becoming more densely populated, more homes built; and, with the nearby M5/M6 getting increasingly clogged with traffic. The M42 is also way over capacity and is on the eastern side of this mothballed but unused main line railway.

West Midlands from Worcestershire through the Black Country conurbation and Staffordshire to Derbyshire.

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Reasons for signing

  • Once government understands what it must do to create a sustainable, low carbon transport environment, this project will look cheap - and so very obvious
  • Because it all makes perfect sense
  • Reopening this line is a no brainer. It is cost effective and obvious


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