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To: Girls who play football.

Girl Footballers to earn the same amount of money as boy footballers!

I would like girls to be paid the same amount of money as boys football. This is because it shouldn’t matter about your sex, it just matters about the match!

Why is this important?

The players allege they have been subject to ongoing institutionalised gender discrimination, including unequal pay, despite having the same job responsibilities as the men's national players.
The women's team have won the world cup, they have the superstars, they are the drivers of football in their country. The global gender wage gap overall sees women earning 63% of what men earn. Women’s bodies can do a lot more than we give them credit for. Most of what society thinks women’s bodies can do is based on fairly arbitrary speculation by men. Until 1972, women were not allowed to run marathons because they were thought to be too frail!



2021-08-11 11:27:19 +0100

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