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To: Jeff Bezos

Give all amazon workers a Christmas bonus

Give all amazon workers a Christmas bonus

Amazon workers have worked tirelessly all through Lock Down which doubled Amazon's profits to over £15 billion in 2020. While Amazon warehouse workers earn $15 an hour Jeff Bezos earns nearly $15 million an hour.
So at Christmas time we're asking Jeff Bezos to give all his workers a Christmas bonus of £5,000, which will cost just a tiny fraction of his yearly salary but will make a massive difference to his low paid workers.
Come on Jeff don't be a Scrooge!

Why is this important?

Amazon workers have worked under dangerous conditions through the Covid pandemic to fulfil all our orders. While the workers get minimum wages they have increased the Amazon owner's wealth by $79 billion in less than one year and Jeff Bezos is now worth nearly $200 billion.
Surely his workers need to be properly rewarded and so we are calling on Jeff Bezos to give his workers the recognition they deserve and pay them a Christmas bonus of £5,000.
This may sound generous but it is just loose change compared to the wealth they have made for Jeff himself.



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