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To: The goverment

Give all care workers a wage rise

To consider giving care workers a wage rise for the hard work and the extreme hours they work and they have been forgotton for far to long and during covid they are and still are as important as our NHS . we seen the teachers and other sectors latley receive a wage rise and I could not believe our goverment never mensoined the care sector to my shock thank you

Why is this important?

Very important to all them that work so hard and the long hours and caring for our most vunreuble and elderly , They work hard and they seem to be forgotten yet again its so sad . I looked at my partners wage on a normal 3 days 12 hour shifts no overtime and was getting only a , , £1000 pounds clear and that her working nights its shocking . We and our goverment should consider this with high proirty , I personally have voted the goverment in and live in scotland and boris please do the right thing it could cost you next election
United Kingdom

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