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To: United Kingdom Government

Give all companies and agencies certificate of sponsorships

Dear Sir/Madam

We are carers , we love our work. We left our countries to come and serve. Please hear us , Certificate of sponsorship feels like a prison. We ask you give all companies and agencies the Certificate of sponsorships or you allow us to change employers . We are suffering, we are depressed.
Please help we only want to be treated like all your citizens . We love our work but set us free to look for new employers hassle free. Switch are difficult to get and the visa fees are expensive. Should we stay in organizations we are not happy because we don't have visa fees, because the prospective employer doesn't do Certificate of sponsorship.
Kind regards

Yours Faithfully

Loreen Matuku representing thousands out there
Please help

Why is this important?

Carers are humans and should be treated as such.



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