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To: Bristol City Council

Give Bristolians the Bike Infrastructure They Deserve

Give Bristolians the Bike Infrastructure They Deserve

Invest into a safer, greener more inclusive urban movement system.

1. Infrastructure
Develop new bicycle lanes and dedicated highways like that on Baldwin street across the city.

2. Clear bike lanes
Create a colour scheme for bike lanes and apply it to locations especially such as to those in the centre so they are clearly visable by pedestrians

3. E-bikes
Electric bikes are an excellent alternative to cars. For many people who still need to be able to move their work around the city or simply need a little help getting up those hills, E-bikes are a great investment. Whilst they use not so green lithium cells they cause no air pollution like combustion engines and are far less resource hungry than even electronic cars.

4. More space for bikes, less for cars
Consider developing dual-carriageways such as the St Philips Causeway into single carriageway roads with dedicated bike lanes and stop signals.

5. Encourage safe and secure bike friendly parking across the city. Consider the development of level 1 NCPs and car parks into bike parking. (You can fit six bikes where one car would normally go)
(Bike security is one of the three leading reasons why people don't ride in Bristol).

Why is this important?

Bristol has one of the highest rates or bike usage in the UK, in fact 57,000 walk or cycle to work, the highest in England & Wales.

Over a quarter of Bristolians ride a bike at least once a week, let's get those numbers up by improving safety and consideration on the roads. We must ensure there is less traffic wars between cars and bikes by, when it is possible, providing dedicated bike lanes.

80% of Bristolians feel traffic congestion is a major problem, an increased use of bikes would have an immediate effect on car usage, just removing 10% of cars at peak time has a huge effect on traffic flow.

In order to meet the Net Zero target for 2030 we should really be pushing to encurage bike uptake. Bicycles are safe, clean, green, convenient and fun, not to mention all the health and social economic benefits, so let's build a city than Bristolians want and so rightly deserve.

Thank you,

Bristol Citizens


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