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To: Boris Johnson

Give hotel rooms to the homeless during coronavirus

Pay hotels to open their rooms to homeless people, so they can be safe and self-isolate during the coronavirus crisis.

Why is this important?

Millions of us are currently self-isolating at home. But homeless people can’t do that. And with shelters closing up because they’re simply not safe - and other support like food banks stretched to breaking point - there’s simply nowhere for them to go.

But there’s a simple solution. Right now, as so many travelers have cancelled their holiday plans, hotels across the country are sitting empty. They’re a perfect place for homeless people to stay during this unprecedented crisis.

If the government paid some hotels to provide shelter to homeless people it would also help these businesses weather the storm - meaning they can continue paying their hard-working staff. Less than 3% of the UK’s hotel rooms would be needed - but it could save countless lives.



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