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To: Warwick District Council

Give Kenilworth Lido a Fair Chance

In view of the time that has passed since the original Kenilworth Leisure Facilities Consultation in 2018 much of the data on which decisions have been based is no longer correct. We are therefore asking that Warwick District Council pause the current Kenilworth leisure project and carry out a fair assessment of the feasibility of a modern Lido in Abbey Fields.

2/3rds of the people responding to WDC’s Leisure Facilities Consultation wanted to keep and develop an outdoor pool in Abbey Fields, so it is hard to understand why WDC are ignoring the wishes of our community and have approved plans to build 2 indoor pools at a cost of £10 million when a Lido and one indoor pool would be less expensive. At a time when Lidos across the country are growing in popularity it seems a poorly judged and short-sighted decision by WDC, to close Kenilworth’s outdoor pool in Abbey Fields.

Why is this important?

Outdoor swimming in Kenilworth is part of the town’s history.  Abbey Fields Lido was  one of the 1st in the country. The current outdoor pool is the furthest from the sea and the only safe public outdoor swimming facility within 30 miles. The pool’s heritage is highly valued, but change is in its history. The original pool has already been rebuilt twice and we now have the perfect opportunity to create a lido for today; with the latest chemical free filtering, and the best 21st century design and eco credentials.

Bridge St, Kenilworth CV8 1BP, UK

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