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To: Firstbuses Glasgow, Glasgow City Council and SPT

Give Knightswood and Jordanhill back their link to the 4 bus service

We are calling for the reconnection of our two communities to the 4 bus route so that we can once again access our town centre and local services with ease.

Why is this important?

In 2016, Firstbuses Glasgow axed the 4 bus service from Knightswood and Jordanhill, disconnecting our two communities and denying them direct access to their town centre, the Byres Road area, Glasgow University and Sauchiehall Street.

To get to these places now, the 27,000 residents have long walks or have to take two buses or means of transport and go long ways round. Journeys that used to take 10-25 minutes now take up to one hour. The cut affects families and people of all ages, making it harder to get to schools, nurseries, work, health services, education, friends, families and social activities. Older people, the disabled and women are worst affected.

The Sauchiehall Street area is a shopping and entertainment centre, with cinemas, theatres and concert halls as well as a transport hub with Buchanan Street Bus Station and Queen Street Station. The drop in numbers of people being able to access these areas must be affecting businesses along the route.

The cut is forcing people who previously opted to use the bus to use their cars. This is the exact opposite of what Glasgow Council and the Scottish Government are calling for, that is for people to leave their cars at home as they account for 68.1% of overall transport greenhouse gas emissions. Cuts to local bus routes like this make it more difficult to reach carbon neutral targets.

The cut is also contrary to local and national government policy which advocates greater connectivity, reliability, frequency, affordability and accessibility of public transport services. The current situation increases social isolation for residents, making many prisoners in their own homes and adversely affecting their physical and mental wellbeing.

We are calling for the reconnection of our communities to the number 4 bus route so that we can once again access our town centre and local services with ease.
Glasgow North West, Glasgow

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