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To: The Government of the United Kingdom

Give Legal Protection against Cruelty to Crustaceans

Give Legal Protection against Cruelty to Crustaceans

To extend Animal Welfare Legislation to Protect Lobsters, Crabs and other Crustaceans

Why is this important?

Although the UK Animal Welfare Act 2006 goes some way towards protecting vertebrates from cruelty, it does not protect non-vertebrates like lobsters and crabs. These animals have sophisticated nervous systems with many similarities to those of humans. At present, lobsters and crabs are often killed by being boiled alive or by being cut up alive. They therefore suffer dreadful pain. While being boiled alive, lobsters and crabs frantically thrash around, tear at their own bodies with their claws and throw off their limbs.
One mark of a civilized society is how it treats the animals under its control. The way lobsters, crabs and other non-vertebrates are treated in Britain and elsewhere puts us all to shame. Please sign this petition to extend the protections of the Act to these animals and stop this cruelty now. Please let others know about this petition.
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @animalreform


Reasons for signing

  • Prevent cruelty
  • Because I'm not selfish.
  • To inflict pain and death on any creature for the sake of our tastebuds is selfish and cruel.


2018-02-16 10:57:19 +0000

There is some wonderful news concerning the campaign. You may remember that Sue Hayman (the shadow Defra minister), following discussions with Anneliese Dodds MP and others, was looking into extending legal protection to decapod crustaceans and cephalopods. Well, the Labour Party has just published its Animal Welfare Plan. It has followed the Green Party in promising to legislate to protect decapod crustaceans and cephalopods! This is a huge step forwards in the campaign. It looks as though, potentially, we are nearing a majority in Parliament, depending on how many Conservative and other MPs decide to support this.

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