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To: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

Sign the petition: the government must rethink its fracking plans

The government wants to force fracking on communities despite massive public opposition.

Local people must have the final say on any application for fracking in their area.

Why is this important?

Instead of addressing the energy crisis through home insulation and cheap, green options like wind and solar, ministers have doubled down on dangerous fossil fuels by trying to revive the failing fracking industry.

Fracking will have no impact on energy bills for those struggling this winter. It will only make our homes less safe, pollute our environment and industrialise our countryside. Not to mention the fact it will accelerate the climate emergency exactly at a time we urgently need to end our dependency on oil and gas.

The government believes that paying a community to accept fracking is the same as consent. Now ministers are planning to bypass the democratic process altogether and ignore the views of local residents that have stood firmly against fracking in the past.

We need to show them this is wrong.

Our local communities have rejected fracking time and time again. We want the final say on what happens in our local area, and we won’t take no for an answer.




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