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To: English Heritage

Give London's Pie & Mash shops Heritage Status

Give London's Pie & Mash shops Heritage Status

Give London's Pie & Mash shops Heritage status and grant owners tax relief.

Why is this important?

The number of Pie & Mash shops in London has fallen from 57 to 27 in the past 20 years, making way for an endless array of throwaway coffee chains and flavour of the day, pop-up posh grub, whatever's the rage!
This often family-run tradition dates back to the 1840's, offering Londoners an affordable, hearty meal in a warm and familiar, community driven environment, something London desperately needs now more than ever.
If you too are sick of the greedy stream of gentrification washing away every trace of character and culture from our streets then please sign and share. Cheers!


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Reasons for signing

  • Because my Dad still goes to pie and shops and loves it!!
  • I signed, as this was always a treat on a Saturday, with my Mum, sisters and brothers, and my son now wishes he lived nearer to Get his fill of the luvly grub
  • It is imperative we fight and claim back the essence of London culture that is being destroyed


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