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To: The British Prime Minister

Give MPs a Parliamentary Vote on a future US Trade Deal.

Give MPs a Parliamentary Vote on a future US Trade Deal.

Negotiations for a trade deal with the US began before the European Referendum took place in 2016.. Since then negotiations with the US have proceeded in earnest but veiled in secrecy, why? In the name of transparency, ensure future trade deals are open to parliamentary scrutiny.

Why is this important?

A US -UK trade deal is likely to have a profoundly negative impact on the lives of people in the UK. Many regulations that have kept us and the environment safe will disappear along with animal welfare standards.

A Trade Deal with the US will be in reality a trade deal between the U.K and ruthless multinational corporations that wield huge amounts of power. Most trade deals contain clauses known as ISDS clauses, (Investor State Dispute Settlement) clauses whereby governments can be fined millions of pounds if an investor's profits are reduced in any way and for whatever reason. Big business is likely to play a major but negative part in our lives in the future. Parliamentarians should be granted a final vote on the US trade deal; secrecy should be lifted in support of transparency and democracy.



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