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To: Matt Hancock, Health Secretary

Give NHS staff free hospital parking

Provide government funding to make hospital parking free indefinitely for all NHS staff

Why is this important?

NHS employees have spent over a year working around the clock to keep us safe. That’s why the government stopped charging parking fees to these key workers during the height of the pandemic. Before that, NHS employees in England and Northern Ireland were charged as much as £40 a day on parking fees.

The cost of parking is already a strain on the wages of many NHS workers - and now staff are coming forward to say that charges have been secretly reintroduced.

Our NHS staff - who have sacrificed so much over the last year - deserve better. So, will you sign the petition now, and send a clear message to Matt Hancock: that NHS staff in England and Northern Ireland should not have to pay for parking while they work.


Reasons for signing

  • Firstly, it is a disgrace that this petition is even needed in the first place. And secondly, since this petition started 18,161 kind people have supported this cause. But I am ashamed as a user of the NHS, to see only 18,000 so far supporting NHS staff so far. It is time now for the people to sign this petition and sign it in greater numbers than so far! Come on people, they are saving lives daily, give them a message that we are right behind them. Who is with me here?
  • Work for the Nhs
  • What can the citizens of the UK expect when you have an administration filled with liars.


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