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To: Nhs staff and key workers

Give NHS staff and key workers some shopping priority

Priority for shopping for NHS staff and key workers eg shopping slots only for them in stores and online deliveries priority. A lot of NHS staff work shifts and finish late by this time there is nothing left in the shops even if they go at 7am. They need priority for shopping as they are fighting the pandemic front line and most still have families to support after their shifts finish. This will alleviate some stress from them at least knowing they are able to get some food and essentials. We want the nation to work together as much as possible and at the moment the panic and bulk buying is not working together but leaving it impossible for the people at the forefront of this fight to get what they need.

Why is this important?

It is important because the whole country is in this together and the NHS and key workers are the forefront of the fight to stop the pandemic. They are also people too with families, children, elderly relatives to support. This would show support to them as well as help them at this critical time as the NHS cannot shut its doors, so please be kind.



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