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To: Health boards across Scotland

Give our OAPs a shot

Give our OAPs a shot

The Glasgow Times is calling on health boards across Scotland to end delays for the vital flu jab and ensure the most vulnerable are vaccinated immediately.

Why is this important?

The Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed chaos on all our lives, however, it's hit our elderly the hardest. The very people who were asked to shield away from loved ones for months and were warned they were most susceptible to the deadly virus, are now facing a lengthy wait for this vital protection. This mess must be fixed.

Hundreds of readers have got in touch with the Glasgow Times as the threat of winter flu season looms. Many of the people we’ve spoken to feel the NHS boards simply don’t care about their health because of their age. This is a national scandal and it must stop. Please sign our petition to help us give our OAPS a shot.



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