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To: Lancashire County Council

Give Skem Men-Aces Recognition On One Of Our Many Roundabouts

There are many "Advertise Your Business Here" signs on Skelmersdale's many roundabouts. Make one available, for free, to the Skem Men-Aces on behalf of all Skelmersdale residents.

Why is this important?

Skem Men-Aces is one of the most highly decorated disability football teams in the country and deserves some recognition within it's hometown by way of a permanent sign on one of our many roundabouts.

Most advertising signs, on our roundabouts, are empty and it would be great to see one turned permanently into a "Home of The Skem Men-Aces" sign.

Skem Men-Aces is a real jewel in the crown of the wonderful things this town has to offer and it would be a fitting tribute to such an incredible club that has even won the Queens Award for voluntary services.

Skelmersdale, UK

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