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To: Staffordshire University

Give Staffordshire University students the Adobe suite to use at home for free

Give Staffordshire University students the Adobe suite to use at home for free

I would like the higher ups at Staffordshire University, namely the higher ups in the creative courses to allow students to download the Adobe suite for free to use at home.

Why is this important?

The whole Adobe suite is a crucial part of the toolkit for any creative students. Whether it be after effects or premiere Pro for media students, photoshop and light room for photography students or illustrator and indesign for graphic design students these programmes are baked into the whole creative gambit of course and the majority of students simply cannot afford to pay the monthly subscription to be able to utilise these softwares at home. I am petitioning to the higher ups at Staffordshire University to grant access to all students including ones outside of the creative courses the ability to use the aforementioned software at home. It is a small price to pay for your students education and development. By signing this petition you will be showing the bosses at the University what having this software readily avaliable 24/7 will mean to you.


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Reasons for signing

  • My course can involve web design, software design and other various related subjects - just because "I'm not an art student" doesn't mean I won't require this package: Photoshop is one of THE skills employers seek out on a regular basis: take this away from students and you're left with impractical programs that send the employer the wrong message - several times I end up using this suite and not being able to access this at home without paying a monthly fee is impractical.
  • Utterly frustrating when you realise something that should be quick and simply to do is impossible due to not having access to Adobe at home.. >.< Its not as simple as coming in to use the computers due to being a disabled student my home computer is optimised to minimise as much of the impact of my disabilities as possible and is counterproductive to come in spend the time commuting in to do something and struggling on University computers.
  • We need this because student maintenance loan is not enough and I'm in debt


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