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To: The Right Honorable Rishi Sunak, MP Chancellor of the Exchequer

Give Support Grants to Small Businesses Working From Home

Give Support Grants to Small Businesses Working From Home

Give similar grants to small businesses that work from home and pay Domestic Rates to those given to small businesses that work from other premises and pay Business Rates to help them through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Why is this important?

Hundreds of thousands, possibly more, of Small Businesses that are run from home don't need to pay Business Rates to their Local Council because the business only takes up a small part of their premises and doesn’t have clients visiting their homes. Many are internet based but many are tradespeople. The recent Coronavirus support grants given to Small Businesses have been prejudiced against legitimate companies who don't pay Business Rates because they are not required to do so but do pay Domestic Rates.
Numerous families run small businesses from home as their sole or main income. Many business people are single parents and running a business from home allows them to give time to their children, carry out school runs, support their extra curriculum activities and sport. Without a Government Grant they have no income at the moment and their businesses are under real threat of going into liquidation which means they may be jobless and have to go onto benefits. They just need financial help in the short term but with no income and no way of knowing when this will end they can’t risk a loan.

Will you sign the petition and help these legitimate Small Businesses to get the grants they need to survive.

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