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Give the UK a National Rent Database- No more tenant credit checks!

Give the UK a National Rent Database- No more tenant credit checks!

Initiate a National Rent Database to record rent payments instead of allowing landlords to credit check potential tenants. To include information such as if the rent was paid in full, and on time.

Why is this important?

With more people renting homes now than ever, it’s time we made some real changes to protect renters.
One problem many renters face nowadays is the dreaded credit check.
With so many people in the UK currently dealing with debt, it can be a barrier to securing a tenancy agreement with a landlord, even though many of the same people pay their rent in full and on time.
Does it not seem inappropriate that potential tenants have to submit to being credit checked? When we think about this - a tenant pays a month in advance and a deposit to secure their tenancy - they are not asking for credit from the landlord.
If we had a mandatory National Renters Database, landlords could report rent payments for those responsible for paying the rent. They would be able to report late payments, part-payments and aged debt as well as reporting those who pay on time, in full.
This would not only help landlords vet new tenants, but it would help those of us in debt who find that credit checks are their only barrier to securing a tenancy.
In the future, this software could even be used to help mortgage companies gain a better understanding of the risk level involved in lending.
There would need to be regulations in place for those where the rent is paid directly to a landlord by a local authority to protect them if there is an error made.
Tenants should also be able to dispute any information on the database and have this investigated, much like is possible with your credit rating.
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