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To: Steve Barclay, DEFRA Secretary of State

Give us Respect for Pie’n’Mash

Give the staple dish of Cockney cuisine, Pie’n’Mash Protected Status to promote its heritage and protect its future

Why is this important?

It’s time we stood up and talked with pride about our traditional food - and there’s nothing more Cockney than Pie’n’Mash.

Whether you have a connection with the culture of ‘non-posh Londoners’ (either first generation, or through your parents, grandparents, and beyond), or just support the need to maintain traditions and local cultures, or just love some proper grub, this is the first step for the UK to celebrate a unique part of our history.

Pie’n’Mash has a long history but it ain’t a thing of the past. - this Protected Status – giving it the equal footing it deserves with other foods like Cornish Pasties or Bramley apple pies – would be a great way to show its continued importance to Cockneys, new and old, to the UK as whole, and boost its global recognition.

The traditional Pie’n’Mash dish consists of a savoury pie filled with minced beef, mashed potatoes, served with a parsley liquor, which can also be accompanied by stewed or jellied eels.

Although each pie shop has their own recipes and customs for making their pies, mash, and liquor, the protected status will serve to protect the traditional methods used and mark the cultural importance of the dish.

So, stick your name on the petition and make sure the Government hears loud and clear that it’s time to give respect for Cockney cuisine!
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