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To: Scottish Rugby Union (SRU)

Glasgow Warriors home game v Edinburgh should be at Scotstoun

Glasgow Warriors home game v Edinburgh should be at Scotstoun

All' of Glasgow Warriors 11 home games should be at Scotstoun. The Silver Saturday is completely unfair giving Edinburgh two home games every year, with Glasow losing one. This could be critical and put league position at risk.

Notwithstanding the potential risk to the team, payoffs and Europe, this year event was so late many people had to take travel by car, losing opportunity to meet friends and enjoy a few pints.

Im addition, for those fans on West coast, public transport was out of the question due to times.

Furthermore, parents with children also have problems due to the time of KO.

Why is this important?

We, the Glasgow Warriors fans, humbly request that the silver Saturday event ONLY occurs every second year and our home event is staged in Glasgow, at Scotstoun.

It is incredibly unfair Glasgow fans are made to travel to Edinburgh to watch what should be a home fixture in a poor atmosphere.

If this please is ignored, no doubt it will, we fans demand that season ticket holder should be given an option to pay for 10 out of 11 games, as many cannot travel or are not happy to do so.


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Reasons for signing

  • Not what we were promised last year and surely this isn't only unfair on Glasgow but other teams in Pro14. Could this not give Edinburgh more home games than anyone else?
  • The fact we're paying considerably more for our season tickets. Zero notification. How much are we subsidising Edinburgh Rugby here?
  • Not only is it not what we were promised last year when agreeing to pay for 11 home games and only getting 10 after the restructure though it is actually not good for the integrity of the league and fair on other teams now that Edinburgh are competitive as having an extra home game for them makes a big difference to all other teams.


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