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To: George Eustice, food minister. Coeliac UK. Warburtons. Genius.

Awareness in restaurants & food outlets. Gluten free, wheat and milk free intolerance & auto-immune

Awareness in restaurants & food outlets. Gluten free, wheat and milk free intolerance & auto-immune

More food choices and reasonable prices...
Now it is believed that 1 in 20 people suffer from some degree of gluten/ food intolerance.
People with autoimmune diseases face enough difficulties. One is able to get food choices in shops and supermarkets. Cafes, restaurants, 'coffee' shops, and all food outlets. This is far more expensive with far fewer choices.
We did not choose this lifestyle, we, sadly have had a diagnosis that is life-changing and can be difficult and depressing at first.
There is not enough labelling on menus, ie; Gf ( wheat logo) veg and vegan and more reasonable choices for people opting for other food groups. We also need the choices to be in the same price brackets, please.

Why is this important?

People do not seem to be aware until they know of someone that has it, and has a reaction whilst they are present.
With 1 in 20 people suffering from some degree of gluten intolerance.
Firstly, the persons can become very sick from being glutened, sometimes for weeks. As the immune system attacks itself, other elements can become involved and worsen things. This can include Osteoporosis or Bowel cancer.
Recently, a lady was in the hospital, possibly too ill to respond to the food choices that the nurses had made for her. They gave her Weetabix for her breakfast and a few days later sadly she died.

How it will be delivered

We would like to take it to the Uk food minister. Even if only to get food choices noticed, labelled more clearly and fairly priced.



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