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To: Amber Rudd

Grant demands of #HUNGERFORFREEDOM Yarl’s Wood Strikers

1. Put an end to indefinite detention by setting a 28-day limit on immigration detention
2. Stop detaining people who are survivors of Gender-Based Violence (GBV), torture and other vulnerable people. There is already government policy on this but they're not actually doing it

The strikers at Yarl’s Wood are also calling on the Home Office to grant other demands, which include the provision of “a fair system”, to stop deporting people before their cases have been heard, an end to charter flights, adequate healthcare, and amnesty for people who have lived in the UK for ten years or children who have grown up here

The full list of demands by the strikers in Yarl's Wood, as well as testimonies by many of the strikers, can be found on

Why is this important?

Detention is an inhumane and unfair system that tears families and communities apart.
Right now, people can be held indefinitely with no release date and can wait for months or even years for a decision. It destroys people's lives - people are forced to put their lives on hold, and the uncertainty of when they might get out makes it incredibly tough to get through each day. This is part of the government's attempts to create a "hostile environment" for undocumented people, refugees and immigrants in the UK.

So people in Yarl's Wood are on hunger (and labour) strike to push for their demands.
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