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To: Guinness World Records

Grant Jessica Anderson her Guinness World Record

07/05/19 - BREAKING! WE WON!

Guinness world records have made an official announcement and have updated their rules and awarded the record:

"Our guidelines for running a marathon in a nurse’s uniform were out of date and reflected a stereotype we do not wish to perpetuate. For that we apologise. We have now awarded Jessica Anderson the record for fastest marathon wearing a nurse’s uniform."

We want Guinness World records to reevaluate their outdated and sexist criteria for nurses running the London Marathon and grant Jessica Anderson her Guinness World Record

Why is this important?

Jessica Anderson ran the London Marathon trying to beat the world record for the fastest marathon time for a woman wearing a nurse's uniform.

Jess, who is a nurse herself, beat the current record - of three hours, eight minutes and 54 seconds - by 22 seconds.

This wasn't enough to make her a record breaker though. That's because she did it wearing her medical scrubs - and Guinness World Records said this does not meet its criteria for a nurse's uniform, which must be a dress!

It's time to resign these gender-rigid stereotypes to the past.



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