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To: Her Majesty's Government - Ministry of Justice - the Lord Chancellor of Great Britain

Grant legal aid to all children who have suffered human rights abuses in care

Grant legal aid to all children who have suffered human rights abuses in care

We draw attention to the fact that young people in receipt of CICA (a criminal injuries compensation award) are not able to access legal advice or representation if they have suffered human rights abuse in the care of the corporate parent. The award monies mean they are over the threshold for legal aid. They should not have to use their compensation to pay legal fees to challenge local authorities who have not respected their rights - upfront fees are around £10k.

This situation needs to be rectified immediately.

In addition to this, all children and young people who have over the past years been unable to access legal aid should be given extra time, beyond the age of 21, to put in human rights abuses claims.

Why is this important?

The rights of children are hugely important. If there is no recourse to justice for human rights abuses suffered during childhood we will be reneging on our obligations as a member state - to the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.

The CICA scheme is unique to the UK and one we should be proud of. Many cases, for example cases of child sex abuse, are not prosecuted because it would be too harrowing for a child to go to court and testify. But achieving an award for criminal injuries should not mean human rights abuses can be perpetrated upon children with impunity by local authorities, as the CICA award prevents access to legal help.

Please sign this petition so all children suffering human rights abuses in care have access to legal aid and representation.

How it will be delivered

The signatures will be delivered to the Lord Chancellor of Great Britain. We hope to stage a press conference about this important issue affecting children and young people who have spent time in care with permanent injuries for which they do not receive the help they need, and who are not humanely treated.



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