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To: The Rt Honourable Elizabeth Truss Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain

Independent review of the CPS’s management and prosecution in the trial of Regina v MacBrayne

Independent review of the CPS’s management and prosecution in the trial of Regina v MacBrayne

To instigate an independent review of the CPS’s management and prosecution in the trial of Regina v MacBrayne – The defendant was found not guilty of causing death by careless driving, by reason of insanity.

Why is this important?

My beloved brother was killed in a head on collision in which the defendant claimed a defence of insanity and subsequently found not guilty (please click, on links below for background to our campaign)
We have spent the last five years trying to be heard and our issues addressed, including the failure of the CPS to robustly challenge the defence’s case which was based on medical evidence, one isolated abnormality found on an ECG (Electro cardiogram / Heart trace) some 10 or 11 months after the collision
I started this petition because as bereaved families of loved ones killed on the roads we have no legal representation and we were told we had no rights in the eyes of the law. We have no rights of appeal irrespective of the facts and whether they stand up to ‘expert’ scrutiny. I ask people to support this petition whether you are reading this through ‘Road Peace’ or 'Brake' website who are or have been similarly treated and those who believe in the right for all to a fair society and where we all have the same representation be it defence or through the Crown Prosecution Service. The difference I hope this will make is to make the CPS accountable for their actions on an individual basis and to ensure that by legal representation bereaved families are able to be represented and their cases funded, and pursued with the same robustness as the defence. Is that not a fair society? As many of you reading this will know and understand that nothing will take away our pain but without justice there is no peace. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Reasons for signing

  • I signed because Like you I feel no justice for the loss of my husband good luck with your petition.
  • Families lives are torn apart all because of drink/drug, reckless and dangerous driving. Society needs to ask itself how much more death and destruction will it tolerate on our roads. A stern and resolute message needs to go out to those responsible for such tragedies, and also to act as a deterrent. It’s the offenders’ selfishness, recklessness and total disregard for other road users and the Law, which brings about so many of these tragedies.
  • The pain and frustration caused by this and other incidents is awful to see. Justice must be for everyone.


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