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To: Alun Cairns MP

Greens demand Government action to stop "horrific" dog attacks on farmers livestock!

Photo by Heather Wilde on Unsplash
We call on the UK Government to crack down on “horrific” dog attacks on farming livestock.

And we condemn the Government for dropping plans for a bill that would have introduced greater protection for livestock from dangerous dogs.

Why is this important?

The Kept Animals Bill would have also banned live exports, cracked down on puppy smuggling, and a ban on primates as pets.

Last month, the Conservatives refused to revive the Bill!

Farmers across Wales, including the Vale of Glamorgan, will have been deeply disappointed that the Conservative Government decided to withdraw the Bill at the last moment.

We support efforts to ensure that a bill is introduced urgently to pass these protections and new powers into law. Police forces require greater powers to investigate instances of dog attacks effectively. It is hoped that if the police are empowered so that there are more successful prosecutions there will be a greater incentive for dog owners to ensure that their animals are kept under control.

Farmers rightly feel betrayed by this Conservative Government, they need action not excuses! The Farmers Union of Wales have said that the u turn has caused "real frustration"!

During the Covid pandemic, dog ownership rose sharply as people took on pets as companions. This has led to more "gruesome" attacks on farmers livestock by some unscrupulous dog owners.

Our farmers and their livestock deserve better protection!



2023-08-15 17:45:20 +0100

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