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To: Greenwich Council and Greenwich University

Save and renovate the Avery Hill Winter Garden

Save and renovate the Avery Hill Winter Garden

Save and renovate the Avery Hill Winter Garden, which is under threat of dereliction, for future generations

Why is this important?

The Winter Garden is the second largest glasshouse in the country after Kew but is arguably more attractive as it stands on an imposing ridge overlooking Avery Hill Park and is built of attractive mellowed, moulded brickwork and a giant cast iron dome. The adjacent Mansion itself is a testament to a Victorian industrial magnate's excesses, with copious quantities of marble, mosaic, corridors and pillars with a portico entrance to die for. This whole site begs to be restored and opened as an everlasting architectural gem, to be preserved and kept in trust for future generations; not allowed to deteriorate into squalor and dereliction, boarded up out of public site.

Please everybody sign this petition, share with Friends on Facebook and Twitter and show Royal Greenwich Council how much we care.

The University of Greenwich, which owns site, and having been given it by the council for £1 in 1992, has gradually allowed the Grade II listed building to deteriorate and now large parts are fenced off with empty beds, severe water leaks and rotting woodwork. In 2014, the University decided to sell the whole site, rather than pursue a £2.6m lottery bid which had got stage 1 approval.

Since then, the council and the University have had a stand-off over the future use of the site and have been unable to come up with a strategy which would see its restoration and a sympathetic use for the rest of the site.

What needs to happen is for the council and the University to come up with a workable mini-masterplan for the site which would maintain it, but there seems a lack of political willingness to do this, leading us to believe that there is insufficient priority being attached to its future. The Campaign, via this petition and our forthcoming public meeting, aims to demonstrate that there is overwhelming support for its restoration; we believe it is a unique and important leisure, visitor, educational and heritage attraction, which is shamefully being allowed to go to waste for lack of ambition, vision and willpower.

How it will be delivered

At the next full council meeting on 18th October 2017.

Eltham, London

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Reasons for signing

  • Little islands of peace and quiet and green are worth preserving for the community's wellbeing
  • So much of our heritage, particularly old buildings, is being destroyed and replaced by 'modern ugliness' we should all fight to keep beautiful buildings like this in this case in such amazing surroundings for future generations to enjoy .
  • good memories of this place when I went to school at crown woods -


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