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To: Our community, Stychbrook Cemetery, The Goverment

Grieving the dead and loved ones our way!

We are putting this petition together to support all the family's, friends, loved ones who have people laid to rest at Stychbrook Cemetery.

As many will now know Stychbrook Cemetery sent out letters just after new year, stating that by the 28th February 2023, all items such as
. status/ornaments
. lights
. decorations
And any other items are removed from all graves/peoples resting places, and memorial benches, as many of you will know, this has devestated and broken many hearts as, in the letter, it states you will only be allowed to have 2 pots for flowers either side of head stones for flower's.

We are now fighting to get this decision over turned, so that loved ones and families can pay there respects in there own special way. This is why we want it to change, especially at the fact, the amount of heart break and hurt this has caused.

Why is this important?

This is important to all the familys, friends and loved ones who have people laid to rest here.

We are now fighting to get this decision over turned, as there are many big family's and friends who go to see loved ones at this Cemetery. Sadly 2 pots just wouldn't be enough, again, people will be left heartbroken that they can not lay anything to show their love, respect and loved ones grave/resting place. Also as may will know, with weather conditions, flowers it just wouldn't last very long at all, so you can understand why people want to place more sentimental gifts down.

To make these graves beautiful and stand out, especially the childrens graves, family's to lay there favorite toys/items, to show the resting place is a child's place, as children don't understand the meaning of flower's. Let alone weather conditions making them not last, but wild rabbit's eating them.

We do understand not wanting items on the grass, or where maintance work needs to take place, but we could agree items can be placed near the head stones and memorial benches, as long as not out the borders of the loved ones grave/resting place itself.

However, we want Stychbrook Cemetery to agree to allow family's, friend's, also loved ones to consider special events such as birthday's and Christmas so family's, friends, also loved ones can put balloons, mini Christmas trees, wreaths and other gifts to celebrate these special events, upon agreement they are removed after the season has passed. We also want Stychbrook Cemetery to consider letting the childrens graves stand out with lights, toys, beautiful decorations to show a young person was laid to rest here, and are loved but also missed dearly let there favorite items stay, to show who they was and what they loved.

We also would like Stychbrook Cemetery to agree to close the gates/lock them, at a reasonable time, to prevent the sentermental items/gifts being stolen, plus graves being vandilised, but also prevents stolen items being dumped in the woodland area causing harm to nature but also wild life, this will also prevent causing anymore distress and heartbreak to the people who's items was taken and damaged.

Why we have asked them to consider alot, we believe the parking should also be reconsidered due to the fact elderly, people with disabilitys including hidden ones who struggle to walk so far, as it is a bumpy and long walk to the graves towards the bottom, as long as cars don't drive on the grass, or cause damage to anything on site, this should be allowed.

We are strongly reaching out to the community, government and more, to help over turn this devestating decision, this beautiful Cemetery has come to. All we are asking, is for a moment of your time to please sign and share, to help us stop this change, but also to allow family's friend's and loved ones to continue to place sentimental items.

Please don't let this Cemetery turn in to a bare faced place of rest where people want to be able to pay respects, but also spend there time in there own ways with there gifts/items. So let's keep this Cemetery bright, open and beautiful for all.

Since after the agreement of the owners at the cemetery placed these actions against the communitys of Staffordshire/west midlands, it not just caused such devistation to the people who brought plots for there loved ones that gained the exclusive rights documentations to have the rights to place there sentimental items such as flowers, and personal items to that person, it may cause spirituality to become distressed due to the actions of the owners itself.

Thank you for your
Lichfield WS13 8HX, UK

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