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To: East Sussex Highways

Grit roads on the Nevill estate

The Nevill estate is one of the hilliest estates in Lewes but it is essentially ungritted. The bus route isn’t gritted, so the bus can’t serve the estate in icy and snowy weather. The only routes off the estate are steep hills. In December 2022’s snow and ice, there were multiple accidents across the estate. Two of the three estate access roads were entirely blocked.
We really want the four steep roads to be gritted. As a minimum, gritting the bus route would enable some access and allow the bus to run.

Why is this important?

Nevill estate has over 700 homes, and a larger than average proportion of older people. Almost all residents have to use one of four steep roads to and from their home. These are treacherous in icy weather. Every snowy spell sees cars sliding into each other, roads blocked with accidents and people slipping over and being hurt. The bus can’t use its ungritted route, so people are trapped at home. Equally, essential services can’t reach homes.

How it will be delivered

This petition is to ESCC HIghways

Lewes, UK

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