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H&F Recycling isn't always going where you think!

H&F Recycling isn't always going where you think!

It turns out that sadly many of our recycling bags don't end up being recycled. They end up in the pile of black bag landfill waste.

Do you care about recycling - yes! H&F has a good record for neighbours doing our bit. And yes we all care about helping the environment, but shockingly and sadly a lot of this is a waste of time!

The dust carts that pick up our rubbish have a big area on the left and a small one on the right to collect rubbish - black bags go in the left, recycling bags in the right. When there isn't enough space the recycling bags go with the black rubbish bags and head to land fill.

I have spoken to the lovely dustmen (who do a fantastic job) and they say this is true and feel sad about it.

The fundamental problem is that there are more recycling bags than there is black bag waste, especially with all our online orders, plastic and cardboard etc which is big and bulky. The current collection set up just doesn't work and is failing the recycling promises that are being made.

Why is this important?

It appears that there isn't enough space and not enough time to take the dust cart back to base, to empty it and start again, so instead bags get mixed up. Such a waste of time recycling!

Hammersmith and Fulham is a great council, I am sure this has just slipped through the net, but be great to get it sorted please.

So I ask you to sign to politely ask H&F recycling team to:

A - organise for there to be 2 distinct dust carts, one for recycling and one for rubbish

B - to switch the bigger right side of the current dust carts to be for recycling so there is more space. It's a quick and easy fix, the dust men want it too, but it needs to be authorised from the top.

Please don't be complacent about recycling, we can't just do our bit and then forget about where it ends up once it leaves our front door. Please sign. Thanks

London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, London

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  • Care about the environment


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