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To: Diane Abbott MP and Hackney council

Hackney Downs Zebra Crossing

UPDATE - 04/-4/16
We won! You may already have walked across it…. the zebra crossing which we’ve been campaigning for is now a reality!

Nearly 1000 people signed the petition and Hackney Council heard our campaign – they agreed that the junction between Downs Road and Rendlesham Road needed to be made safer.

Over the last few weeks the diggers and road builders have been busy at work and now the zebra crossing is officially open!

This is already making lives safer and the experience of crossing the road from Hackney Downs much less stressful.

Create a zebra crossing at the North-West entrance of Hackney Downs Park, at the junction between Downs Road and Rendlesham Road.

Why is this important?

The junction between Downs Road and Rendlesham Road (E5) badly needs a Zebra crossing. Hundreds of people including huge numbers of children (and cyclists) cross to and from Hackney Downs Park at this point. But these streets are used as a rat-run by local road users, many of whom drive too fast and with little or no regard for pedestrians in the area, and there is no official place for people to cross safely.

At present the speed bumps where Rendlesham Road joins Downs Park give pedestrians the illusion that this is a safe place to cross, that cars will give way. The junction is used at busy times of the day when parents are taking their children to the many nurseries and schools in the immediate area, and car users and pedestrians are constantly at odds with one another. Clarification about who has priority to use / cross the road is needed so that everyone stays safe.

London, London Borough of Hackney E5 8QJ

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Reasons for signing

  • I've used this junction so many times and found it confusing and dangerous with in clear point to cross, though a cycle lane seems to heave been designed in one side of the road. An accident waiting to happen.
  • Very worrying. Ive come close to being run over a few times by speedy drivers at this junction and Im 34. THIS IS URGENT. SAFER ROADS HACKNEY COUNCIL!!! WAKE UP!
  • It's a miserable junction even on a bike, let alone on foot.


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Petition is successful with 929 signatures

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Hackney Council are in favour of our zebra crossing! There is now a public consultation on the proposed changes and this is your chance to make the crossing a reality. It's super easy, we just need you to say that you support the proposal by the 9the October.

Here's the link you need to complete the online survey...

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