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To: North Ayrshire Council

Halt salmon industry expansion around Arran!

Halt salmon industry expansion around Arran!

Please do not grant permission for new or expanded salmonid production sites in the North Ayrshire Council islands & coastal area.

Why is this important?

The Environment, Climate Change & Land Reform Committee of the Scottish Parliament have stated in regard to large-scale open-cage salmon production "If the current issues are not addressed this expansion will be unsustainable and may cause irrecoverable damage to the environment." The Community of Arran Seabed Trust say that the consequences of large numbers of fish deaths, contamination by fish sewage, food waste, chemicals and medicals will be detrimental to the environment, health and economy of the Isle of Arran and its neighbours.

The proposal by the Scottish Salmon Company for a new and larger site off the north-east coast of Arran will not only spoil the enjoyment of a previously undeveloped part of the island, but also disturb the native wildlife such as otters, seals, porpoises and basking sharks.

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Reasons for signing

  • arrans pristine sea needs to kept that way, a salmon farm would ruin this.
  • I love the Scottish coast ...important to protect it and the environment for natural native sea fish...damage and exploitation need not and should not be allowed.
  • Just read the recommendations of the Scottish Parliaments ECCLR committee report into Salmon Farming. There should be a moratorium on all salmon farm expansions.


2019-04-24 09:09:06 +0100

With suggestions that the officially toxic salmon industry is a major contributor to the devastation of Scotland's wild Atlantic salmon population, it's time to stop their expansion plans:

BBC News - Scotland's wild salmon stocks 'at lowest ever level'

2019-04-11 09:30:30 +0100

Reports reveal extent of damage to marine environment by toxic substances from salmon industry:

Check out @ScottishEPA’s Tweet:

2019-04-06 18:07:13 +0100

At a public exhibition on Tuesday, the management of the Scottish Salmon Co refused to address the residents:

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