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To: Rishi Sunak

Halt the sale of all land purchased for HS2.

To stop the sale of land for HS2 while other transport options are explored.

The land could be used for alternative transport options organised by mayors, or for infrastructure by this government or the next. To 'salt the earth' like this by selling off the land allready purchased and bind the next parliament without any debate is the opposite of democracy and taking back control. It is also wasteful of public money and is insulting to every business and person who had to give up land.

I am urging you to stop the sell off of the land while all options for transport in northern England is explored.

Why is this important?

Over a decade of cross party support, including members of the current Government Cabinet, have said that HS2 is vital to share prosperity across England and across the other countries that make Great Britain.

There have been billions spent in reports, surveys, compulsory purchases and planning to make this levelling up a reality.

At the Conservative Party Conference Rishi Sunak made the rare decision that united in anger both business leaders and environmentalists by cancelling HS2 North of Birmingham.

This is a nationally important piece of infrastructure that will take decades to build and deliver centuries of gain. It should not be a decision made by one Prime Minister at a conference.



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