To: UK Government house of parliment.

Heal damage done to entertainment industry from brexit

In two parts directly related.
This petition is to ask parliament to quickly develop an easy to obtain visa to allow entertainers to come to the United Kingdom to perform and entertain and be paid and should include any additional staff members of their group when applicable. The members of government of the United Kingdom need to cease being under educated and richly oblivious to the United Kingdom’s position as being one of the entertainment capitals of the world but instead should acknowledge and fully embrace this incredible privilege. Entertainers from outside the United Kingdom have brought great and difficult or impossible to replace talent and have also contributed in bringing revenue to venues.

In addition this petition does ask the UK government to negotiate with the EU very easy to obtain visas or similar for performers, talent and the personnel required for any touring citizens of the UK the ability to perform in all of the European Union. The creator of this petition believes all performers and talent should be allowed regardless of wealth and that all genres of entertainment should be considered, a partial list would include performing poets, story tellers, musicians, comedians, circus performers, theatre performers, actors and film talent, models.

Why is this important?

Brexit as it has been negotiated as of 26th of December does not give any consideration to the entertainment industry. The creator of this petition believes the entertainment industry deserves even more consideration than does the fish.