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To: Dorset Council

Hedgehog Signs To Alert Drivers to Slow Down.

To put up road signs in danger spots to make drivers slow down and to be aware that hedgehogs are about and regularly cross the road. Road death and injuries are very common.

Why is this important?

The hedgehog population is in severe decline and cars are one of the biggest causes of injury and death.
Drivers need to be made aware to look out at certain times mostly dawn and dusk and to SLOW DOWN. To spread awareness is important and hedgehogs are most vulnerable when they are coming out of hibernation and also when the mum's leave the babies to get food. Often they don't return to their young as they have been killed or injured by cars hence the poor little ones die or go out alone and usually starve to death. Many people and drivers are not aware of this and even if one person notices the sign then that is a good thing.
These are beautiful and funny little creatures who have enough to battle with. I have become passionate about the hedgehog as I have them regularly visit my garden. I have sadly also witnessed dead ones on the road. I have also become involved as a Hedgehog Champion and want to do my bit in trying to help these delightful creatures that one day we may not be so lucky to have anymore.

Charlton Marshall, Blandford Forum

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