To: Cheltenham bourgh council

Help Connors dream come true

Help Connors dream come true

I am starting this petition on behalf of the family and freinds of Connor Berry .Connor is a remarkable young man whose ambition and life long dream is to be a bin man . Connor has learning difficulties and is on the autistic spectrum. Conner is very well known and much loved in his local community, for his enthusiasm to help the bin men and residents on collection day .he is up early hail rain or shine .he is there ready to help and put out any bins that have been forgotten .even one day a week voluntary would make his dream come true so PLEASE HELP CONNORS DREAM COME TRUE!

Why is this important?

This is so important to Connor it would give a huge boost in confidence and self achievement. it has been his dream since a small boy to be a bin man .He proves himself to be huge help to the local bin men every collection day they have come to know and love him .as do all the local residents to have this role in an official capacity if only voulentary to put on that uniform would make his world complete.


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Reasons for signing

  • Connor has always wanted to become a binman, this will make his dream true.
  • He’s a smashing lad with a passion for being a bin man. He’s always wanted to be one and I want to help him fulfill his dream. Good luck Con! We’re right behind u. xxx
  • I have signed this petition as a mother of a child with disabilities and the fact that i feel people quite often discriminate against disabled people. Its disgusting i think all should be treated equally and given a chance to chase their dreams like the rest of us "normal people" as most would say


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