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To: Greg Hands, MP, Minister for Trade Policy

Help exploited Amazon workers this Black Friday

Photo by Adrian Sulyok on Unsplash
This Friday a campaign - Make Amazon Pay - is bringing together workers at the vast Coventry warehouse to argue the case for better pay and working conditions for Amazon workers. They want £15 an hour and a seat at the management table. Will you speak up for the workers this Black Friday and investigate the company's tax and competition policies?

Why is this important?

This Black Friday we need to show Amazon that we are on the side of the exploited and underpaid warehouse workers. The best way to do show this is to refuse to buy anything from Amazon this Friday. When the Amazon accountants see the drop in sales this Friday they will realise that their customers have real power to affect their bottom line. This will worry them. Will they feel more inclined to listen to their workers' demands?



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