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To: Cornwall Social Services and George Eustice

Help for my Dad

Help for my Dad

Get the help and support my dad desperately needs

Why is this important?

This is my dad the first photo was taken just before Christmas last year the other 3 are of my dad today we are in desperate need of help my dad and me have looked after each other for the last 14 years however 6 weeks ago my dad had a stroke its got so bad now i'm having to stay at home to look after him wipe his bum wash is face pull up his trousers etc etc all things that a few months ago my dad would have been able to do himself Now i am prepared to look after my dad but I need help but for some strange reason and the fact that we live in the countryside we are not even going to be assessed by Cornwall Social services for at least 6 to 8 weeks any package that will be put in place will take at least moths double figure to be implemented all my dad want is to stay at home for the last days of his life is this to much to ask apparently it is where is this country's social justice we have worked all our lives payed into the system and when we require the system to help us we are just left hanging because apparently theirs no emergency set up for when old people deteriorate rapidly because we have not asked for help in the last 14 years and sorted out problems ourselves we apparently don't exist please please contact your local MP and Get Social Justice for my Dad so that he can get the care he needs and stay at home for the remainder of his years and share this content far and wide our elderly should not be treated this way


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Reasons for signing

  • People forget these old people looked after us when we were young Fought for our country WW11 / VIETNAM /FALKLAND ISLANDS ect These are people who have asked for nothing there whole lives Now they need help there ignored I spend £50 a week roughly in fuel alone to visit my dad at weekends to make sure he's OK a man that was given the george cross and now disowned by the country he nearly died for
  • I signed because as a child my uncle Clive took the time to make me feel wanted and loved.I have very fond memories of my uncle and it's unfair for him to suffer like this.
  • its my dad hes the last of my imediate family and desrves better


2019-10-03 21:26:10 +0100

well believe it or not nothing still has changed Simon said to me over 6 weeks ago now that the new contract was finished and was going to post it that day 6 weeks later no letter no idea if or when the package will start or if it will at all or even if it will start any time this year ive emailed my local mp again to tell him of this atrocious way my dad is being treated in the mean time he has had an infection of the leg and now a cold has crept in so im keeping an eye on him but hes a tough old bugger so so far so good my thinking is that social services is hoping my dad will pass away before the give any help what so ever

2019-08-25 22:42:45 +0100

just in for some unkown reason the assessment team has resent the original assessment package paperwork even though my dad has turned this down and we agreed to go for a lighter albeit not what id have liked but only affordable package so no idea whats going on now have been 7 in a Que for at least 3 days trying to get into contact with Simon to find out what the hell is going on

2019-08-25 22:39:37 +0100

to add to the last statement when the financial assessment took place there eyes lights up to find that my dad was getting the higher DLA of 83.10 per week as soon as they saw that they wanted it stating that was what it was for unfortunately for them my dad had bought most of the equipment to help with his disability himself so they had to leave him the 3 pounds 10 but they'll want that next year im sure I have been in contact with my Local MP thanks to all the people that emailed him and put our case im awaiting a response and ill post it here when i get it

2019-08-25 22:36:09 +0100

well after the finacial assessment the cost was wittled to a massive £80.57p per week there was no way my dad or me could afford that amount of money so I think the figures for what old people have to pay has to be reassessed we had to turn down the package which we need to a package in which we can get some help but the onas was dad has to pay the lot with no assistance from cornwall council at all so 39.99 a week it is but still no idea when or if the package of help will start what a county what a country

2019-08-13 17:36:39 +0100

well id first of all like to thank all the people that signed my petition i know its a small one but it has had some effect my dad has been assed at last admittedly almost 4 weeks after the fact that i phoned up asking for help but as i was told it would take 8 weeks that was a start now 3 weeks later the finacal assesment has just taken place again why should our old people have to pay for assistance in there golden years but its done so the package should be starting soon fingers crossed please keep an eye out for this type of petition its about time social care was sorted by any government in this country and not have different sets of rules and regulations and payment determined by our parent hard work to save for a pension

2019-07-03 14:26:06 +0100

50 signatures reached

2019-07-02 12:44:43 +0100

as of today I am still not further forward the district nurses have been the only contact and it looks like the the bed might might be on its way however i received information from social services via another route saying that if Mr bowers IE is having difficulties coping looking after his father and his father was in receipt of disability living allowance we could sort out our own care privately what a joke dont you think if we could have afforded to sort out our own care privately we would have must admit that all the sympathy that i have received of friends and family has been greatly appreciated but the same words come out oh that,s the way the system works and what a country we are living in no matter how much we put into society follow the rules save for a pension buy your own house etc it all goes against you when your time comes to get old and infirm and you are still expected to pay for services that should have already been payed for .

2019-06-30 05:32:35 +0100

25 signatures reached

2019-06-29 19:27:08 +0100

10 signatures reached

2019-06-29 17:25:39 +0100

Id appreciate anyone emailing george eustice to get him to help my dad all his details are here
my face book page with the photos of what my dad is like today is here please please share and help the aged should not suffer because they are old and a supposed burden to society they are not if anything they have contributed so much to this society that we should be looking after them with a great deal more compassion and respect

here are the photos of my dad today

Stuart Bowers Contact George Eustice
Westminster Office
020 7219 7032
House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
[email protected]
Constituency Office
01209 713 355
13 Commercial Street, Camborne, TR14 8JZ