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To: Birmingham City Council

Help Victoria get home to school transport

Continue to provide home to school transport for my daughter, Victoria who is disabled.

Why is this important?

Victoria uses a wheelchair and has been awarded transport for eight years, but now that she is 16 the funding has been stopped.

I'm more than happy to pay towards the bus but Victoria's place has still been refused.

The city council have said that travel assistance up to 16 is statutory but only "discretionary" for those of sixth-form age.

Without transport Victoria who has a mental age of around 6, faces having catching two buses to get to Selly Oak Trust School everyday. Victoria uses a wheelchair for long distances.

Victoria finds it difficult to understand danger or cope with busy places. It is extremely important that Victoria is allowed to carry on using the bus.

How it will be delivered

Present to meeting of the full council


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2019-08-27 20:06:20 +0100

Victoria has been given transport for a interim of one term only and they intend to continue to assess her and ignore her medical evidence. She will have to use her wheelchair to be taken to a drop off and collection point which has no cover for her in bad weather and we will continue to fight for her to be able to attend school

2019-08-22 10:02:50 +0100

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